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wall paper halifaxIf you’ve been paying attention to the latest trends in home decor, then you know wallpaper is back in a big way. You might be having flashbacks to the groovy ‘70s, but today’s designs are sleek, contemporary, with styles to match every taste. Whether you’re looking for a pop of colour or innovative texture and design, there is a wallpaper out there to enhance your decor. If you’re looking for a way to give your home an updated look with maximum “bang for your buck,” wallpaper may be the perfect choice.

Add A Splash Of Texture And Colour

Accent walls have become an incredibly popular decorating technique, creating an eye-catching focal point to attract the eye. While accent walls are often painted with a contrasting paint colour, wallpaper can easily ramp up the style of today’s accent wall. The best way to settle on a good wallpaper design is to find the piece in your room decor that has that “something special” — a glint of metallic, a unique upholstery texture, or an eye­ popping colour. Using this as your base, you can choose a complementary wallpaper that will really bring your design concept into focus.

Quality Wallpapers With Durable Designs

Perhaps you’re having flashbacks to cheap, thin wallpapers of your youth. Leave those memories in the past, because today’s wallpapers are not only designed with style in mind, but also durability. Families can choose a wallpaper design with confidence, because it will stand up to the rough­ and ­tumble of your daily life.

Experienced Wallpaper Installation

Gallagher Painting has years of experience hanging wallpaper properly, using best practices recognized throughout the industry for a long­ lasting, quality job. Gallagher knows how to avoid blunders like ripples or tears, while also ensuring fast and efficient job completion. By avoiding rookie mistakes associated with wallpaper hanging, there is minimal waste, which saves clients money.

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Our experienced wallpaper hangers at Gallagher Painting will provide you with a free, no ­risk, in home estimate for your next home decor project. Call us today or use our web form to set up your appointment today!

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