When and When Not to Use a Primer for Interior Paint Projects?

Anyone who has planned a painting project, particularly if painting over light-colored walls, has wondered, “Do I really need primer?”

The answer is probably, yes. Or maybe no!

How Can You Tell If You Need Primer?

If you’d like to determine whether or not you need primer before you paint your walls, you should take a piece of tape and rub the sticky side along the surface. Then, yank it off with a vengeance! If any paint comes off with the tape, then you’ll need to sand down the surface and thoroughly clean it. And then yes, you’ll probably want to use primer.

What is Primer For, Anyway?

Primer is basically a starting ground for your paint, providing a surface that allows the paint to dry properly without looking botchy and uneven, showing brush marks or even looking lumpy. Primer also gives a nice base, helping to guard against chipping and peeling of the surface paint.

Ok, But Really, Do I have to Use Primer?

If you have a good layer of paint that passes the tape test outlined above, then you can probably get by without using primer. However, there are some cases where primer really is a must. That includes: painting raw wood, raw drywall, patched walls, raw metal, rough surfaces, and stained surfaces. Painting any of these? Get thee to the primer aisle!

What Kind of Primer Should I Use?

Opinions on the best primer will vary from person-to-person. Oil-based primers used to be the norm, and are still favored by many painting professionals. However, environmental factors have convinced many that water-based primers are the superior choice. Depending on what you’re painting, you may opt for oil over water-based primers.

Painting cabinets, doors, or other high-traffic areas? Oil-based primers will probably offer you the most protection and durability. If you are painting a low-traffic area or item, like crown molding, feel free to use water-based primer.

If you’re really stumped on how to approach your next painting project, consider consulting a professional painter.

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