Understanding Volatile Organic Compounds and Low VOC Paint

As more and more people decide it is time to “go green,” there is ever-greater interest in environmentally-friendly paints in the home. No one wants to have harmful chemicals wafting through the air in their home, which is why low VOC paint is a great option.

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds, which are nasty chemicals that can cause all sorts of unpleasant symptoms like breathing difficulties, fatigue, headache, blurred vision, and more. When oil paints were the norm 40 years ago, paint was high in VOCs. These days, most paints are low or no VOC by virtue of being water-based.


One of the best ways to ensure you’re buying quality paint is to talk to your paint professional. They can recommend good quality, affordable low VOC paint that you’ll feel safe using in your home. Not only should the paint be low VOC, but also the tints that are added to achieve your perfect color.

The Green Seal organization awards a “mark of environmental responsibility,” which confirms the paint meets their stringent standards for “green” paint.

Additionally, you can look at the VOC count per litre, which should be 50 grams or less per litre.


It can be hard to know how much paint to buy, but it is the most environmentally-friendly to use the paint you buy, without having too much left over. Measure the room you’ll be painting, and take the dimensions to your paint professional to determine how much you’ll want to have on hand for your project.

Gallagher Paint & Paper use low VOC paint for all paint projects we’re complete and that’s just one of the reasons that we’re your #1 choice for Halifax house painters. With experienced painters who’ll provide a risk-free estimate to you, and been in business since 2005. CALL our friendly staff (902) 800-1299 to schedule your risk-free estimate, or fill out our online contact form.

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