5 Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Colour for Small Spaces

For those who make their home in a small space, painting might seem a daunting prospect if you like colours more vibrant than white, off-white, and beige. Believe it or not, colours are a definite plus in a small space, especially if you’re smart about colour choice and where you choose to paint.

Create a Focal or Accent Wall

One of the most popular choices for colouring a small space are to paint one wall in a room a bold colour, while leaving the other walls a neutral tone. There are no rules for what colours will work — since you’re painting just one wall, you can choose something vivid without worrying about overwhelming the space.

If your room is already furnished, choose a colour that compliments your existing furniture colour scheme, and don’t be afraid to choose something bright. Focal walls are meant to attract the eye, and the wall should be the first thing to draw in the eye.

Choose a Sharp Colour

Dull colours tend to blend together into one big mass of blah. In painting a small space, you want maximum impact from your desired colours. Choose vibrant yellows, electric blues, fiery reds, or other bold colours to create a feel of expanse. The key to successful use of this technique is negative space among your colours, contributing to a sense of clarity and openness.

Create Surprising Accents

There are a lot of tricks interior designers use to bring colour into a space. One popular trick is to paint an entryway a darker, dramatic shade, and then progress to a lighter shade in the living area. This makes the living area feel spacious by comparison, and also brings colour into the space. In addition, you can paint unexpected things, like radiators, window sills, and other room features. Candy apple green or a deep cherry red with a high gloss are great accent choices.

Get Creative

There are a lot of great painting techniques to bring character and interest to a small space. Faux finishes and other techniques are an ideal way to get some serious visual impact. Painted stripes in alternating colours or an ombre pattern are one possibility, as is adding a chair rail or wainscoting and painting that a bold colour.

A Flair for the Dramatic

Chances are, in a small living space, the bathroom is going to be small as well. So, why night go full chic and paint your bathroom a deep colour, like chocolate brown? It sounds crazy, until you see a bathroom that has just such a colour scheme. A deep, dark colour immediately transforms a space into something sophisticated — especially if you add that high gloss finish. With fixtures in a porcelain white, the contrast is striking.

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