How Long Does it Take a Professional House Painter to Complete a Room?

interior room paintingA common question for professional painting contractors is how long a particular job will take. As one might expect, the answer to that question is: it depends!

There is a wide variety of homes out there — various sizes, shapes, and design concepts. Some homes have significant wall and trim damage that requires repair prior to painting. Some homes have big, open-concept rooms, while others have irregular angles and charming nooks and crannies. With that in mind, it can’t be surprising that a contractor has to get a good look at your home before he or she can accurately quote a professional paint job.

Room Size Makes a Difference

Probably one of the most obvious considerations in quoting a professional Halifax house painting job is the size of the rooms in question. Larger rooms naturally take longer to paint than small, cozy rooms. Square footage is one of the key details in any professional paint job.

Ceiling height is another important thing to think about, simply because the higher the ceiling, the more time it takes to paint.

How Much Painting Needs Done?

A customer that needs trim painted in addition to walls will have that cost factored in. Conversely, just having the contractor paint the walls yields some savings in the painting quote. For those with very dark walls looking to lighten things up, it’s possible the job could take more time than is typical. These formerly dark walls sometimes need extra coats of paint to produce that perfectly professional look. And yes, this makes the job last a little longer than is typical.

Furniture and Clutter Considerations

Painters, by necessity, must work around existing furniture and home decor. The less in the painter’s way, the quicker the job will be over and done with. This is an important thing to remember for homeowners getting job quotes. The easier it is for the painter to maneuver, the easier it is to finish fast.

Gallagher Paint & Paper takes pride in finishing jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible, without sacrificing professional quality. Call today for an accurate quote for your interior paint project!

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