Hiring a Professional Halifax House Painter VS DIY for Interior Home Painting Projects

professional halifax house painterPainting the interior of your home is widely-regarded by many as an easy DIY project; something you can do on your own over a weekend or two. Compared to plumbing or electrical work, yes, painting is a bit simpler. However, when deciding whether or not you should do your own paint job or hire an experienced Halifax house painter, there are a few things to consider.

Startup Costs

A quality interior painting job isn’t simply paint and some paintbrushes. In fact, you’ll need rollers, brushes, ladders, drop cloths, buckets, and more to get started. Perhaps the bigger cost, though, is the time it takes to complete a great interior home painting project. Anyone can throw up a coat or two of paint, but a long-lasting and beautiful paint job takes time and attention. From beginning to end of a project, the DIY painter never can be sure what the total cost of supplies and paint will be.

Professional painters not only have all the equipment they need on hand, it is all professional grade. Additionally, they have had years of experience painting spaces efficiently. There is no question that hiring a professional to do an interior job means less stress for homeowners, in addition to sparing them the hassle of storing all the painting equipment once the job is finished. A reputable professional painter also provides a quote for the entire project from start to finish, so there is never any question what the project will cost.

Length of Time for Project

DIY projects can be cheaper, but they typically take longer to complete. This is not always because DIY painters can’t paint as fast as pros, it’s because they’re trying to paint evenings, weekends, and other snippets of free time that pop up. Painting an entire interior could take weeks, if the DIY painter tackles a room or two each weekend.

When you bring in a pro for an interior paint job, it’s done quickly, and they’re gone for good. Painting contractors paint for a living, and experience counts when you want a job done fast. Most experienced painters can complete a project in half the time of the typical DIY painter!

Quality Concerns

Believe if or not, there are a lot of trade secrets for a great, professional grade paint job. Cutting in, rolling with speed an an even coat, and tackling trim all take some real painting know-how. While DIY painters can certainly do research and learn professional techniques, it takes time, energy, and practice to perfect the techniques. Professionals have the savvy to do a great job using all the secrets of the trade to achieve a great finished look.

The Bottom Line

Before you decide if a DIY paint job or professional Halifax house painter is for you, consider the advantages and drawbacks of both options. DIY painters may be saving money, but perhaps won’t achieve that ideal interior look that comes with professional experience. Those hiring professional painting contractors will pay more, but will also save time, energy, and hassle in the long run.

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