How Many Coats is enough Coats when Painting A Room?

f you hung around a paint department at the home improvement store lately, you’ve probably seen those “one coat” miracle painting products. You might be wondering if it is possible to only use one coat of paint in a space, and the answer is…maybe?

One Coat Paints: Fact or Fiction?

While many of these one coat paints are decent products, the truth of the matter is that you’re probably going to need at least 2 coats of paint in your space to achieve your desired look. True, a lot depends on what color you’re painting over, but assuming you’ve properly primed your walls before painting, you’re probably going to find that 2 coats will be your rule of thumb.

Paint Timing

You’ve finished that first coat of paint, and you put your finger gingerly against the drying wall. It feels dry to the touch! Ready to start on that second coat?

Wait! Not so fast. You really should give that first coat of paint adequate time to dry — ideally, 2-4 hours for latex paint, 24 hours for oil-based paint — before starting in on that second coat. I know, it’s very tempting to just charge forward, getting it all done at once! If you do, though, you risk pulling up paint as you roll, which means unsightly streaks and uneven color. In the long run, being patient will end up paying off with beautiful walls.

Properly Mix Your Paint

It’s very important to properly mix your paint if you’re using a rich, dark colour. These colours use a lot of pigments, and those pigments can begin to settle as time passes from initial mixing on. This can be a problem from one coat to another, so consider pouring the paint into a large bucket before starting any coat of paint. Achieving consistency between coats isn’t challenging if you are sure to properly mix before getting started.

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