Improving a Home’s Market Value with Help from Halifax House Painters

The strong housing market rebound that the cities of Toronto and Vancouver continue to see from the highs of 2013 has also positively affected the market in other parts of Canada, including Halifax in Nova Scotia. Despite the foreseen flattening of home prices, the overall outlook for the real estate market throughout the country remains positive for 2014.

selling your house in winter

In a market such as this, even winter is not a deterrent to closing sales; and Halifax homeowners who have put or are putting their homes up for sale should be ready to show off their properties to prospective buyers, even in the middle of winter. While home staging has become an effective tool to selling a home, real estate experts interviewed for an article in say ensuring that the home is in good condition is just as important.

Chipped, faded, or dirty” house painting is a no-no when you are trying to sell your home. As the article mentions:

“Repainting your home can make an incredible difference,” Cobb said. “Buyers deciding between your home and another might choose the one with a new coat of paint because it looks cleaner and fresher.

While painting your home’s interiors and/or exteriors may seem like something you can do on your own, keep in mind that an amateur-looking job may negatively affect the value of your home. When selling a property in an increasingly competitive market, nothing less than a professional finish will suffice. For this reason, it is best to get the services of expert Halifax house painters.

This is particularly important if the painting job has to be done in winter, when the weather conditions can slow down paint drying, and lead to such issues as poor color uniformity and improper film formation. Professional Halifax painters, like those at Gallagher Paint and Paper, know the kind of paint that can work well in winter applications; and the right techniques to avoid any unwanted results.

(Article Information and Image from Blog: Selling your house in winter,, January 02, 2014)

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