The Importance of Proper Prep When Painting Your Home

prepping of fence and lattice work before paintingWhen you think about painting a room in your home or staining your back deck what first comes to mind?

If you’re like most people it’s the finished product. The crisp new painted walls and trim of your living room, or maybe the beautiful renewed look of your patio.

What you don’t think about is the preparation work that required before you ever consider picking up a brush or roller to paint with.

What Prep Work Are We Talking About?

All painting jobs have some form of prep work. For interior jobs it might be dry wall repair or filling holes in the wall. You need to take proper care to ensure any repair is done well and is flush and level with the rest of the wall. Other wise you risk serious imperfections in your finished job.

If you’re staining a deck then proper pre work might include: pressure washing, cleaning and possibly even sanding must occur to ensure the wood is free of dirt, debris and ready to receive the new paint/stain. If not you risk having to redo the job the very next season.

Whether you’re hiring a Halifax house painter or handling the job yourself, you need to ensure either the painting contractor you hire is going to do the proper prep work, or you do it yourself.

The Danger of Not Doing The Right Preparation

There are some painting contractors that will avoid doing the required prep work, and definitely there are many home owners that won’t do it. Why? Sometimes it’s because they don’t know what needs to be done and other times it’s they don’t want to take the time to do it right.

If you hire a painting contractor to paint a room and they don’t take the extra few hours to prep things properly then they’re able to charge less then a contractor who does the right preparation and therefore get more job. What does this mean to you as the home owner? Well depending on the condition of the surface being painted it could spell big problems, even though you pay less for the painting job.

For example: Incorrect drywall repair can result in imperfections in the finished job. You’ll may notice uneven surfaces, sanding marks or even cracks and holes that might still exist.

If it’s a deck you’re having done then it’s possible the stain or paint used on the deck will begin to peel the following year if the surface isn’t properly prepped. This could mean paying to have the job done again less than 12 months later.

How To Ensure Proper Preparation Will Be Done Before Painting?

The easiest thing to do is ask the painting contractor you’re hiring what prep work is required. If they say there is no prep work needed then maybe consider getting a second opinion. Of course, if you’re in a newer home or you’re having a brand new deck stained, it may be true no prep is required. Allow your common sense to guide you here.

One of the many things we pride ourselves on at Gallagher Paint and Paper is that we take the time to do each and every job right the first time. We ensure that all surfaces are prepped correctly so the finished product looks great and lasts a long time!

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