House Painting Prices for Interior Room Projects

The most popular question we get asked as Halifax painting contractors is:

“How much do you charge?” or “What’s the price to paint a couple of rooms?”

Our answer to home owners is always the same.

“It Depends”.

It depends on a variety of things how much it will cost.

The biggest cost when hiring a house painter is labour. So if a job takes less time, it’s less expensive. For this reason our house painting prices are based on how long it will take to complete a job.

When we estimate a job we also quote materials, as we get a discount from our supplier that we pass on to you, the home owner. However, we separate the cost of paint from the labour costs in our estimates so you can see what is what on our quote.

Knowing that labour is the most expensive part of painting the interior of your home lets look at the six things that cause a job to take longer or shorter and cost more or less.

#1 The Number of Rooms

If you want more rooms painted then it’s going to take us longer to complete the job.

#2 The Size of the Rooms

The physical size and height of the rooms (e.g. cathedral ceilings take longer) will determine how many hours it’ll take to paint the walls. Wider and longer rooms of course have more surface area to paint.

#3 If You Want just Walls or Walls, Trim and Ceilings painted

It’s a good idea to paint your walls, trim and ceilings at the same time. It freshens everything up. No body wants beautifully new painted walls but a drab ceiling or trim.

Painting trim and ceilings will add to the time required to finish the project and increase the house painting price we quote.

#4 How much Furniture is in the Room?

This is something that doesn’t come to mind for most home owners, but the more furniture that’s in a room the more we have to work around it, cover it or move it. If a room is empty, or has very little furniture, then we are able to paint quicker.

#5 What Condition are the Walls in?

Walls that have cracks or lots of holes from pictures or art should be patched and sanded prior to re-painting. If your walls are in poor condition then it takes extra time to repair them prior to painting.

#6 What Colour Are The Walls Now?

When we estimate a job we account for two coats to be done. Depending on what new colours you choose and what colour we’re painting over a third coat can sometimes be required.

If a third coat is required for optimal coverage then that will take a bit longer, and cost a bit more.

There are cost savings when you hire a house painter as well.

Paint and Materials

If you were to goto the hardware store and purchase your own paint and materials it would cost more then if you purchase them through a local painting contractor.

In our case we purchase our paint and products from a local Dulux paint store. They provide us with a discount on the price as we purchase so much from them and we pass that savings onto you.

Save Your Own Time

We paint stuff, that’s what we do every day and every week. We can paint a room far quicker then the average home owner. What might take you a weekend could take us less then a day to complete.

One benefit to hiring a professional house painter is that you don’t have to do the work.

So do you have a room(s) you’ve wanted to have painted for a while? Need help choosing the right colours? Give us a call or submit the form on the right of this page and we’ll arrange a risk free consultation and estimate with you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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