Exterior Painters in Halifax

exterior house painting wooden windowFrom about April until October or mid-November Gallagher Halifax house painters handles exterior (as well as interior) painting projects such as:

  • Wood Siding & Windows
  • Decks & Fences
  • Exterior Buildings (e.g. Sheds, Garages etc.)

If the exterior of your home or patio could use a touch of TLC give us a call for a RISK FREE estimate. We’re professional painters in Halifax who will quote you the rate to do it right the first time.

We never cut corners and recognize, especially with exterior painting jobs, that the prep work is what makes for a great finished job. Call us at 800-1299 or submit the form on this page to arrange an estimate.

Outdoor Painting Prep Work

When we paint/stain a deck, exterior of a home or wooden windows we always take into consideration the condition of the surface we’re painting, what prep work does it require (e.g. pressure washing, sanding etc.) and what product was applied previously.

It’s important that what ever painting contractor in Halifax you hire pays close attention to surface prep so that the job you pay for lasts as long as possible. Poor prep work can mean you’ll be paying to re-do a job sooner then you’d like, and some Halifax house painters can skip the prep work in favour of a lower price for their work.

Other Exterior Services

While our primary business is house painting in Halifax, we also offer pressure washing for the exterior of your home. All types of siding, both on your home or exterior buildings can accumulate a build up of moss, dirt and even mold or mildew. A yearly pressure washing can minimize this. We also utilize our pressure washing services for exterior painting projects such as wood siding, decks, fences and wooden window frames.

Products Used for Exterior Jobs

As with interior paint jobs we purchase most of the products for clients from Delux, an internationally recognized paint manufacturer and retailer. If you have a preferred paint brand or dealer you would like us to work with we can accommodate that as well.

As painters in Halifax we’ve completed hundreds of projects. So we can help you select your colours if you haven’t already and advise on the right product to use for the surface we’re working with.

Most exterior products for homes are now latex based. Therefore they have very little off gassing and stand up to the elements well pending surface prep is done correctly.

For decks we often suggest using a semi transparent stain as it penetrates more then a solid stain. This ensures the finished product lasts longer. Contact us to discuss the right option for your patio or deck.

Example work of Exterior Deck and Trim

Arrange a Risk Free Estimate with Gallagher Painting

To arrange a risk free estimate call us at 800-1299 or submit the form on this page. One of our painters in Halifax will contact you ASAP to arrange a time for your estimate.

Most exterior painting projects in Halifax do require us to provide a quote after seeing your home or the surface you want painted. This ensures we can accurately provide a price that includes proper surface preparation prior to painting.

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