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3 Issues that Can Arise when Painting the Siding on your Own Home in Halifax

If you take a long look at the exterior of your home and think, “Hmm, that could really use some freshening up,” then it’s possible you’ve thought about painting it yourself. Painting is a DIY project that many homeowners tackle on their own — after all, it’s easier than installing a new kitchen! It’s the […]

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House Painting Prices in Halifax for Exterior Jobs Like Siding or Windows?

The bottom line that any homeowner is looking for when shopping around for exterior painting of siding or windows is often cost. What is the price you can expect to pay when you need your siding or windows painted? The answer is, perhaps unsurprisingly, that it depends. The variety of factors that go into determining […]

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3 Problems with Hiring a Halifax Painting Contractor to Paint your Siding

Is the exterior of your home in need of a facelift? If the paint is starting to peel and is in need of a refresher, you might be thinking about hiring a painting contractor. Hiring a painting contractor in Halifax means you leave the tedious work of painting to a professional, freeing your time to […]

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3 Benefits to Hiring a Professional Halifax House Painter to Paint your Siding

Painting the exterior of a Halifax home has its challenges, and hiring a painting contractor can make that process easier. Do-it-yourself is always an option when it comes to painting projects, but hiring a pro has distinct advantages over making it work on your own. Consider all the advantages of hiring a professional Halifax house […]

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House Painting Cost for Exterior Projects such as Siding and Windows

Aching for a fresh new look to the exterior of your Halifax home? There is an easy option for those looking for a change: painting siding and windows! The cost of painting the exterior of a home is likely an important consideration in the decision-making process. Cost is a relative factor, which is why the […]

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Painting Your Wooden Windows: How often and what to use?

Chances are, if you have wooden windows, you have a home with character and individuality that you want to maintain. Properly caring for your windows will ensure a long, attractive life. Read on to find out more about the right ways to maintain your wooden windows. BASICS OF WOODEN WINDOWS Exterior wooden windows must be […]

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3 Steps to Preparing an Exterior House Painting Job

Painting your house is probably not among your favourite activities, but the process can be faster and smoother with the right preparation. To ensure the maximum life of an exterior paint job, there are a few steps that must be followed. First: A Clean Exterior A clean home exterior is vital to a good paint […]

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Can I Still Stain my Deck in Halifax When It Gets Colder?

We often think that outdoor painting projects such as staining a deck can only be completed during the warmer months of summer, however there are actually some benefits to doing the job later in the year (e.g. early to late fall) or just after the winter (e.g. early spring). Of course you may have to […]

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