Can I Still Stain my Deck in Halifax When It Gets Colder?

We often think that outdoor painting projects such as staining a deck can only be completed during the warmer months of summer, however there are actually some benefits to doing the job later in the year (e.g. early to late fall) or just after the winter (e.g. early spring).

Of course you may have to contend with cooler temperatures which no one likes, but so long as you have the right clothing and gear you can stay warm and successfully stain your deck.

Stain and Deck Sealants Dry Quicker in Cooler Weather

When the temperature is somewhere between 5-15 degrees out most stains and deck sealants will setup and dry faster than when it’s 20 degrees or warmer during the summer. There’s also been some talk that sealing during the warmer months is actually hard on the wood.

You’re also far less likely to have any foot traffic on your patio, at least in Halifax, when it’s only 5 degrees outdoors. Not walking on your deck for at least 36-48 hours after a stain, paint or sealant has been applied is ideal.

Prep and Precautions

One disadvantage we have in Halifax on the east coast is our weather is not always that predictable, so be sure to find a stretch of at least 3-4 nice days in a row before starting your project.

You never want to stain a deck if there is snow or rain expected in the forecast for the first 48 hours after completing the project.

Before applying any stain or sealant be sure that the surface is entirely clean of dirt, mildew etc.

Ideally you should use a deck cleaner (example of one) and scrub brush which will renew the wood and ready it for the stain application. If using a power washer be sure to use at a low setting as it can damage the wood. When we’re prepping a deck we know the proper steps to take to ensure that all debris, dirt and grime is cleaned off a head of time.

Year Round Maintenance

Once your deck is completed be sure to sweep it frequently and keep dirt build up, leaves and anything else that adheres to the surface off of it. These things can encourage mildew growth on the patio which is more difficult to remove.

During the winter months promptly shovel off your deck as snow stresses the deck boards. When shovelling take care to use a plastic snow shovel to avoid chipping or damaging the new finish applied the previous season.

If you’re still thinking of staining or sealing your deck give Gallagher Paint and Paper a call. We’re your #1 choice for Halifax house painters with over 25 years combined experience.

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