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Gallagher Paint and Paper is co-owned by husband and wife team Marc and Juanita Gallagher. Providing quality interior and exterior house painting services in and around Halifax metro since 2005. They specialize in interior and exterior house painting as well as custom kitchen cabinet spraying. Contact Gallagher Paint and Paper for a Risk Free Estimate on your next painting project at (902) 800-1299.

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3 Benefits to Hiring a Professional Halifax Painting Contractor for Your Next Interior Painting Project

Hiring a professional Halifax house painting contractor just makes sense for many homeowners ready to bring a fresh facelift to their interior space. There are several big benefits that come with hiring a professional painter over going DIY. The three biggest benefits to going professional include time considerations, quality work, and cost. Professional Speed Halifax […]

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Hiring a Professional Halifax House Painter VS DIY for Interior Home Painting Projects

Painting the interior of your home is widely-regarded by many as an easy DIY project; something you can do on your own over a weekend or two. Compared to plumbing or electrical work, yes, painting is a bit simpler. However, when deciding whether or not you should do your own paint job or hire an […]

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House Painting Cost in Halifax for Interior Projects

Most homeowners looking for a great Halifax painting contractor are, understandably, focused on finding out the interior painting cost. Of course, everyone wants quality work at a fair price, and there are several factors to consider when determining the home painting cost. In other words, if you ask, “How much will it cost to paint […]

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Feature Walls – How to Choose a Colour and Paint it Properly

If you’re looking for a way to jazz up a room with a pop of colour, but aren’t prepared to do all four walls, your surefire solution is the feature wall. A feature wall lets you have all the fun and pizazz of great colour in a space, without committing to an entire room in […]

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The 4 Problems That Can Arise When Hiring a House Painting Contractor

When a homeowner is in the market for a house painting contractor, there are some factors that he or she must consider before choosing the right company for the job. House painting problems are a sad reality, and knowing potential roadblocks ahead of time make for a well-educated and savvy consumer. Liability Painting home interiors […]

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Understanding Volatile Organic Compounds and Low VOC Paint

As more and more people decide it is time to “go green,” there is ever-greater interest in environmentally-friendly paints in the home. No one wants to have harmful chemicals wafting through the air in their home, which is why low VOC paint is a great option. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds, which are nasty […]

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Painting Your Wooden Windows: How often and what to use?

Chances are, if you have wooden windows, you have a home with character and individuality that you want to maintain. Properly caring for your windows will ensure a long, attractive life. Read on to find out more about the right ways to maintain your wooden windows. BASICS OF WOODEN WINDOWS Exterior wooden windows must be […]

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Give the Gift of a Painted Room by Professional Halifax House Painters

GIVE THE GIFT OF A PAINTED ROOM Get prepaid gift cards for your loved ones for a free room painting by reputable Halifax house painters Until January 31, 2014

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Painting Your Bathroom? – What Type of Paint Should You Use?

If you’re painting a bathroom for the first time, you might wonder if there is special paint used in the bathroom — a place where moisture is just part of the daily grind. Some will say “bathroom paint” is unnecessary, and others will argue the contrary. Let’s take a dive into the subject and figure […]

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3 Issues with Hiring a Professional House Painter to Paint your Home

Before a homeowner ever hires us to handle an interior painting job there are a few concerns that they like to have answered. These questions are usually about one or all of these three things. Working in your home alone Proper liability insurance coverage Proper workers compensation coverage These are important questions to get the […]

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