The 4 Problems That Can Arise When Hiring a House Painting Contractor

When a homeowner is in the market for a house painting contractor, there are some factors that he or she must consider before choosing the right company for the job. House painting problems are a sad reality, and knowing potential roadblocks ahead of time make for a well-educated and savvy consumer.


Painting home interiors isn’t the most dangerous job around, but the dangers are more than you might expect. Up and down ladders all day in homes of different sizes and layouts does mean accidents happen on occasion. Even experienced painters have their bad days.

Experienced, established paint companies like Gallagher Paint & Paper carry workers compensation insurance to ensure the safety of their employees, as well as to protect their clients from liability arising from an in-home accident. House painting problems can happen even in the best of conditions, and the best companies are prepared.

Damage to Personal Property

Welcoming painting contractors into your home brings the risk of damage to your personal possessions, especially if they are moving furniture around in the process of painting. Gallagher Paint & Paper hires only experienced and trustworthy painters, but accidental damage can happen. That’s why they carry liability insurance. By protecting themselves with adequate liability insurance, they are protecting their clients.


It’s a sad reality that not every painting contractor is dependable to follow through on appointments. Whether it’s simply getting a quote, or even getting a painting job started, some contractors just aren’t that reliable.

Gallagher Paint & Paper prides itself on delivering the best service to clients, both current and potential. With multiple painting teams on staff, they can be where they are expected to be — even if another job takes longer than expected. If a particular job ends up taking longer than expected, Gallagher painters are sure to communicate updated timelines with everyone involved.

Cost and Expense

Let’s face it: hiring a painting contractor can seem expensive, when it appears to many as one of the easier home improvement projects. However, most people don’t have all the equipment and materials on hand for a quality painting project. A major house painting problem is starting a project and discovering half-way through you forgot an important component of the job!

Hiring an experienced paint contractor means hiring someone who has all the tools and experience to paint beautiful interiors, in addition to doing the work with the speed and efficiency of a pro.

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