3 Steps to Preparing an Exterior House Painting Job

Painting your house is probably not among your favourite activities, but the process can be faster and smoother with the right preparation. To ensure the maximum life of an exterior paint job, there are a few steps that must be followed.

First: A Clean Exterior

A clean home exterior is vital to a good paint job, with dirt and mildew washed clean from the house. Pressure-washing is a common way to clean a home’s exterior, and treating mildew prior to washing ensures the cleanest possible exterior. Using a 4:1 bleach solution on the house at least 15 minutes prior to pressure washing can rid the exterior of mildew spores.

As you treat mildew and pressure wash, be sure to protect any surrounding plant life with tarps or other protective materials.

Scrape and sand any loose paint to ensure a smooth surface once you’re ready to paint. Prime bare any bare spots to ensure long-lasting paint coverage.

Second: A Dry Exterior

There is a reason people like to paint in dry weather — moisture trapped in wood can reduce the longevity of your paint job. Once the home is clean from washing, it’s a good idea to allow 24 hours for the wood to release all of the moisture before starting to paint or prime. Schedules can be tight, but in this case, waiting is worth it!

Third: Don’t Forget the Front Door

When you’re preparing to paint your home, don’t forget the focal point of most homes is the front door. You may wish to paint it a bold colour to accent your new home colour. Whatever you choose, be sure to prep the door ahead of time by first deglossing it with an appropriate Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP) solution, and then adequately sanding and priming it. This will ensure a long-lasting paint job that earns admirers for years to come.

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