3 Issues with Hiring a Professional House Painter to Paint your Home

Before a homeowner ever hires us to handle an interior painting job there are a few concerns that they like to have answered. These questions are usually about one or all of these three things.

  1. Working in your home alone
  2. Proper liability insurance coverage
  3. Proper workers compensation coverage

These are important questions to get the answers to, after all we’re working inside your home and you’re placing your trust in us to leave your home the way we found it. Let’s address these three issues.

Working In Your Home Alone

It’s not unusual for us to complete interior painting projects while the homeowners are at work for the day. Generally speaking our painting crews work the normal 8-4 workday, and more than likely you work something along those lines as well.

When homeowners express concern about us working in their home while they are not there the first thing we point to is the fact we’ve been in business since 2005 and have a clean record with the Better Business Bureau.

Halifax isn’t that big of a place, and it’s important to maintain a good reputation in the community. We’re proud to say that we have done just that. You can rest assured that we will treat the interior of your home as if it was our own when completing your house painting project.

Liability Insurance Coverage

A second concern for homeowners is liability insurance. If one of our painters was to get hurt while on the job at your home or if we were to damage your home in any way shape or form, not suggesting this happens often but accidents are well accidents. Gallagher Paint and Paper carries the required liability insurance to protect you from any damages or issues that could arise while we’re working in your home painting.

Workers Compensation Coverage

The final issue with hiring a house painter is do they have proper workers compensation coverage. Again, something homeowners don’t all think of, but yet is very important since lack of workers compensation coverage can spell disaster if someone is injured while working on your property.

Again, rest assured, Gallagher Paint and Paper has the require workers compensation coverage in place for all of our painting crews.

We’re a professional Halifax house painting company. You can depend on us to provide a fair price, quality work and treat your home with respect. If you’re thinking of having an interior or exterior house painting project done contact us today for a risk free estimate.

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About Gallagher Paint and Paper

Gallagher Paint and Paper is co-owned by husband and wife team Marc and Juanita Gallagher. Providing quality interior and exterior house painting services in and around Halifax metro since 2005. They specialize in interior and exterior house painting as well as custom kitchen cabinet spraying. Contact Gallagher Paint and Paper for a Risk Free Estimate on your next painting project at (902) 800-1299.
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